Mustangs share thoughts on the “right” way to binge on goodies

best bites infographic
Infographic by Emma McIntyre

Csenge Csicsek – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- Opinions vary when it comes to our LRHS Mustangs. What is better than the other? How do you do a certain activity? On Nov. 13, we made an unscientific student poll about the following topics:

  • Do you eat your French fries one by one or multiple at a time?
  • Do you eat your skittles one by one or in a handful?
  • Do you eat your potato chips one by one or multiple at a time?
  • Do you prefer sorbet or ice cream?

This poll was conducted through an Instagram account, and only LRHS students could answer the questions. It was very interesting to see the different views and opinions of the students, and it allows students to become part of a conversation.

More than 350 students responded to these 24-hour polls. Some polls were very close to a tie, and some leaned more on one side than the other.

We got a variety of mixed answers from students:

Junior Kenna Agnew has mixed emotions when it comes to one of her favorite binge foods. “I like my fries both ways. If I go to ‘Steak ‘n’ Shake,’ I’ll eat more than one fry at a time because they are skinny fries, but if I go Chick-fil-A for waffle fries, I will enjoy one fry at a time.”

Senior Hope Wilcox said it’s hard to commit to a single way to eat fries. “It depends on the fries really, mainly just one by one, but if they are like Freddy’s where they are small fries, it’s more efficient three or four at a time.”

Junior Rachel Monroe has a straight-forward answer for potato chips. “Oh, definitely one by one, even the little crumbs on the bottom.”

Senior Marissa Boccarossa eats her Skittles one by one. “You just have to eat them one by one to be able to taste all the flavors, unless you want to mix and match.”

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