LRHS@20 – Former Mustangs experience the front of the classroom


As Lakewood Ranch High School celebrates its 20th anniversary, “Mustangs Ahead” asks Two-time Mustangs (teachers who graduated from the school) to share their stories.

Ben Sax – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – LRHS has a number of teachers who know what it’s like to be a Mustang on the other side of the desk…they were students here themselves.

English teacher Amanda Hargen and Early Childhood Education teacher Delaney Riggins both were students at LRHS.

hargen and rubber chicken
LRHS English teacher Amanda Hargen prepares for class.

Hargen enjoyed her time at LRHS and loved being in marching band. She graduated in 2005.

Hargen said noted one difference about LRHS when she went there.

“The school was painted alternating shades of peach and light peach.”

Some of the teachers she had as a student were history and journalism teacher Thomas Honsa, English teachers Teri Grimes and Candice Delazzer, math teacher Cindy Lancaster and science teacher Alicia Moody.

Another teacher that attended LRHS is Early Childhood Education teacher Delaney Riggins.

“Even though it hasn’t been too long since I attended LRHS as a student, there are still a few things that have changed,” she said.  “From a sports aspect, there wasn’t a lacrosse team at the school like there is now. The track facility has also been updated since I attended.

riggins planning
LRHS ECE teacher Delaney Riggins plans lessons.

“Another thing I noticed when coming back was that some of the main offices serve a different purpose now. I worked in the attendance office as a student aid for a few years, and that office is now located at the entrance of the school instead of in the middle of the courtyard,” Riggins said.

Riggins said that the layout of the school has mostly stayed the same.

“For the most part, the setup of the school is pretty much the same. That aspect made it very easy for me transitioning as a first-year teacher, because I already knew where mostly everything was. A lot of the teachers and staff members are a familiar face as well.”

Riggins enjoyed her time at LRHS.

“I absolutely loved my time as a student here! I was involved in athletics and a few clubs around campus, which made my time here even more special. Being on the varsity soccer team for four years with my best friends was a highlight of high school. I was also a part of Student Government Association (SGA) my junior and senior year, which was a very memorable experience that I have since then cherished. As a student, I made great relationships with many teachers and ultimately found my passion for teaching through the Early Childhood Education (ECE) program,” Riggins said.

Riggins graduated in 2014.

Riggins said that some of the teachers that taught her were early childhood education teacher Elaine Bowling, Delazzer, Honsa, and SGA adviser and dean Kent Ringquist.

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