20 year bulletin board
The LRHS media center recognizes long-term Mustangs.

Morgan DeGlopper and Amanda Hamende – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- The Mustangs Ahead Legacy staff has created a board in the media center to celebrate teachers and staff members who have worked at LRHS since the school’s opening day in 1998.

Only seven staff members have worked at the school for its entire 20 years and were here on the first day of school. These include math teacher Macie French, school counselor Tracy Jordan, business teacher Roberta Colson, science teacher Faust Delazzer, media specialist Jill Mullins, science teacher Bryan Thomas, exceptional student education teacher Melissa Koehlinger, journalism and history teacher Thomas Honsa and cafeteria manager Carolyn Henderson.

During their careers at LRHS, these teachers have seen changes in the student body, especially in maturity and school spirit.  Some of the major differences pointed out were changes in hair color, style of dress, and choices in language and slang.

Koehlinger has always loved and enjoyed working at LRHS.  Koehlinger said, “Lakewood Ranch is a great school, I don’t want to work anywhere else in Manatee County.”

Honsa said, “We have a record of success and a reputation for excellence.  LRHS in 1998 was very much up in the air.  We had to create from scratch all our clubs, teams, and extracurricular programs, but we’ve come a long way since.”

Thomas stated, “[In 1998] the school had an overall ‘middle school’ feel to it.  LRHS now is the flagship school of Manatee County.  The student body of the early years did show more excitement and ownership of the “new school.”

The staff members also drastically changed in appearance over the years as well.  Check out the display board in the media center to take a trip down memory lane.

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