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(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Tuesday was Ugly Sweater Day at LRHS. Student Government Association (SGA) hosts the event and SGA adviser Heather Kasper said it’s “an SGA tradition that we do every year. It promotes the basketball team and brings spirit for the holidays, like Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa.”

Mustangs across campus were happy to participate.


uhs 2

Senior Faith Seiler is wearing a black sweater with Christmas lights seemingly strung around her, displaying the text “Jingle All the Way”.

uhs 6

Junior Bailey Wegenast is wearing a black sweater with a big, grey cat. The text reads “Meowy Christmas,” which is the worst Christmas cat-related pun that could have possibly made it onto a sweater.

uhs 5

Junior Gemma Zapatha is wearing a dark green sweater with green, white, and red striped sleeves, which alone is a bad combination. Add on top of that the large dog with a matching hat and scarf, and a text that reads “Feliz Navi-Dog,” which is in turn the worst Christmas dog-related pun that could make a sweater.

uhs 7

Junior Brooke Martin is wearing a green sweater with white snowflakes sprinkled about, and text that reads “Fa la la.” While this doesn’t sound that bad in theory, the light-up factor and the candy canes embroidered around the edge really push this one into ugly territory.  Meanwhile, junior Tayla Rosenthal is wearing a blue sweater, with dreidels and Stars of David strewn about, as well as a text reading “Let’s Get Lit” and a large menorah. While she may get points for representing her religion, the sweater is still atrocious.


Junior Kevin Irwin is wearing a green, red, and white striped sweater with just the most awful built-in suspenders and tie. These accessories are, breaking the mold, checkerboards of the same color. What an awful ensemble.

uhs 3

Junior Owen Ingham is wearing a solid red sweater, which has a picture of a T-Rex wrapped in lights and wearing a star on its head. The text? – “Tree Rex.” The puns just keep getting worse.

uhs 4

Junior Grant Schmidt is wearing a sweater with more than enough ugly factors. It buttons up, with a V-neck at the top, and includes a different design in each corner. One corner has red and green plaid – one corner has a cat with a Christmas tree – one has a cat with green plaid – and one has a cat outside in the snow. This sweater has so much going on, it’s hard to take in with just one viewing, and is by far the ugliest sweater at the school for Ugly Sweater Day.

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