Rachel Monroe – Mustangs Ahead

Academics(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- As exams are approaching quickly, students are trying hard to refresh their memories of everything they have learned since the first day of school.

While some Mustangs prefer to study in the comfort of their homes or private places, others prefer to study for exams in public places, such as, Starbucks or Panera Bread.

Sophomore Gabby Rosabal likes to study at Starbucks.  She said, “I study at Starbucks because the environment makes me feel like I have to do my work because that’s what I’m there for. At home I tend to get more distracted and start doing other things around the house rather than focus on my work.”

Junior Csenge Csicsek prefers Dunkin Donuts. “Last year some friends and I got together at Dunkin Donuts to study for exams. The time I spent there benefitted me because I was able to focus better than I would at home because my friends keep me on track,” said Csicsek.

While some students enjoy studying out in public places senior, Madison Schaefer shared, “Over my past years of studying for exams and tests, I have learned I get much more done in private places than in public. I prefer to study in my room because I have tried a few times to go to Panera with a ‘study group’ however it always results us just hanging out rather than focusing on studying.”

There are many different places a student can choose to study: library, bedroom, kitchen, classroom, coffee shop, etc. The ultimate decision is up to the student to pick the location that fits her or his learning style.

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