Julia Drymon– Mustangs Ahead

Reflections icon (2)(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- LRHS offers several programs to accelerate student learning into the college level. One of those programs is dual enrollment provided through the State College of Florida – Manatee/Sarasota (SCF).

I have taken the Dual Enrollment (DE) English and History classes, and I will be taking College Algebra next semester at LRHS. I have also taken classes part time at SCF and taken the speech course online through the college.

I really enjoy DE here at Lakewood Ranch and at the SCF campus for a variety of reasons.

Taking a college course through DE is different than taking a college course at the Advanced Placement (AP) level. DE gives you a true college experience: you register for classes, face a college workload, grades, and curriculum.

I like DE because there are very few small assignments. In many college classes you will find emphasis on large projects or tests. These classes gave me an experience which will prepare me for college next fall.

The major I want to study requires all the classes I took through DE as general education courses, so taking them in high school will save me time and I can advance into more important classes in the future.

However, DE does have its downsides. The grade you get in the classes start your college grade-point-average (GPA), so you can’t do poorly without future consequences unlike an AP class.

DE is not for everyone. If you aren’t confident in getting a good grade in the class, then I would recommend AP. I have taken AP classes as well and they have been great experiences. The added security of not altering a college GPA was nice to have.

Overall, both paths impress colleges and prepare you for the college level, but DE gives a true college experience.

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