LRHS seniors are preparing for their futures after high school. Some are touring prospective schools. Campus tours help students learn about the college or university’s facilities, student life, academics, and programs. Seeing and learning about different schools can be helpful when determining where to apply.


Mikaela Campbell-Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Part of being a senior year includes college visits, which can be a vital part in choosing a college. Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) is a college I am interested in and recently toured to get a feel for the campus and see what they have to offer.fgcu entrance

The tour started when we checked into the lobby and were assigned a bus with about 15 other students and their parents. We drove slowly around the campus while the tour guide talked to us about what the different buildings featured and what they were for.

We were able to make stops at the basketball court, the gym, a mock dorm room, and one of the academic buildings. We also walked outside from building to building to get a feel of what it would be like to go there.

Overall, I thought the tour was very helpful in deciding my future. The tour guide gave very detailed information on what we would be doing if we were to attend there as well as where our dorms would be located. One cool aspect of FGCU is a private beach where students can do fun sports like jet skiing and skim boarding.

Senior Sarah Merzak, who also went on this tour, said, “I really enjoyed the academic opportunities that they provide, and I also love how it is a new school.”

The tour guide also included what the college was looking for in academics, Grade Point Average and Scholastic Aptitude Test scores. We were able to go into a food court, a culinary classroom, and drive by the sorority and fraternity houses.

Senior Hannah Kennelly said, “I benefited from the tour because I was able to view all the different aspects of the school to know what they offered.”

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