Mustangs celebrate Hanukkah


Emily Brandt – Mustangs Ahead

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Mustangs observe Hanukkah traditions.

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Hanukkah started on Sunday night Dec. 2 and will last until Monday night Dec. 10.

“Hanukkah is my favorite Jewish holiday because not only does it bring my family together, but it brings my friends together as well. My friends and I throw a Hanukkah party every year where we have gift exchanges, latka making contests, and play spin the dreidel,” stated junior Tayla Rosenthal.

The story behind Hanukkah is one of a Maccabean military victory. This was a spiritual victory over Hellenistic attempts to prohibit the Jewish practices.

This holiday celebrates the Jews’ discovery of a single sealed, pure vial of olive oil to light the seven-branched menorah, which is one of the primary ritual objects in the Temple. Though this little pure vial of olive oil was just enough to last for one day, a miracle happened as this oil lasted for eight.

Jews honor this by lighting a menorah of our own for eight nights. Soon it became a tradition to receive and give a gift each night of Hanukkah, just as children of other religions would receive gifts for their holidays around this time.

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