Peter Fisichella– Mustang’s Ahead

clubs(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – The LRHS Latin Club is preparing to recognize the Ancient Roman holiday, Saturnalia, in December.

Saturnalia was the equivalent of Christmas in ancient Rome, and even has some characteristics of Christmas celebrated in America today. It is said to be the most famous of the Latin festivals and it celebrates the god Saturn, otherwise known as Cronus.

The festival started Dec. 17, and at first lasted three days. Due to its popularity, it was later extended to be a seven-day celebration.

Like present-day Christmas, school and work were stopped for the celebration. Most of the week was spent feasting, socializing, and exchanging gifts. The most common gifts in the ancient times were wax candles. Another similarity is that ancient Romans decorated their houses with lights and greenery.

The food eaten at these festivals was almost identical to the food that is eaten today. The beginning courses were focused on finger food, while the main course consisted mainly of meat, and ended with sweets like candied fruit and tarts.

The next Latin club meeting is Tuesday, Dec. 4 before school and members are expected to bring sweets to the meeting.

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