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(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- 982.9 miles. That is the distance LRHS junior Logyn Smith moved away from her family to start a new life.

logyn smith - junior
LRHS junior Logyn Smith welcomed a new start at the school.

Smith moved in with me in late July, right before the school year started.  She wanted not only a fresh start in a new school, but in a completely different state. She used to live in a small town in Indiana before coming here to Lakewood Ranch.

“I moved here for a fresh start and a clean slate. I was a victim of bullying and harassment at my old school and it was really hard on me,” Smith said. “I found that I wasn’t the best version of myself and used this move as an opportunity to change for the better.”

With these circumstances, Smith made it her goal to improve her life, focusing heavily on improving her grades as well as her increasing the overall effort she puts forth in school.

“My grades are a lot better than what they were. I’m focusing more on school now rather than the negative things in my life,” Smith continued. “I would say my grades are improving significantly as well as my outlook on the future.”

Moving long distance can be very rough, especially when it is away from family in a completely different environment.

“I really miss my family a lot,” Smith said. “I feel like sometimes I’m missing out on them and things that happen in their lives. Though being away from them is hard, I try to visit them as many times as I can during breaks.”

Though it has its challenges, the decision for Smith to move in with my family has overall been beneficial to her and we will continue to accept her with open arms.

“Though it took a while to warm-up to the new household and not feel out of place, I’m happy now. My friend, Kaylee, and her parents have taken me into their family, and I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity.”

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