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(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Now that Thanksgiving break is over and the countdown to Winter Break has started, students need to stay on track for the upcoming midterms. There are three weeks left until the end of the first semester.

With testing so soon, some Mustangs have already started to stress about their classes. With an exam each period, students must juggle test reviews, daily homework, and extra studying to help them prepare.

Some students around the ranch are not excited for exams at all. Sophomore Corinne Kasten said, “I’m so stressed it makes me want to cry. I have super hard classes this year and I feel like I won’t be prepared.”

Isabella Gomez
Junior Isabella Gomez is ready for the semester’s end.

Other students more confident because they have already started to prepare.  As junior Isabella Gomez said, “I will prepare by starting to study now for my hard classes. I’m really hoping we receive study guides because in previous years they have helped a lot.”

After the exam week, students can look forward to having a nice, long Christmas break that signifies we are half way through the school year. “This year has gone by very quick. It feels like yesterday I was walking into my first day of sophomore year,” said sophomore Zach Fenimore.

It is not just students that have extra work, teachers also have a lot to do. They must make sure they have taught and reviewed everything they needed to teach so their students will be successful on the midterm.

Language arts teacher Michael Wood said, “Every year approximately one week before the midterm each student receives a study guide and we spend a day in class going over the study guide and answering questions. Students will also have time for follow-up questions if needed before the test.”

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