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Sports(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- Wrestling season is fast approaching, and wrestlers are doing everything they can to prepare for the season

Competitive matches start December 1st and regionals start on the first week of March.

“I’m very excited for this year considering this will be the first year we have a full lineup. We have a bunch of sophomores, juniors and a few seniors. It’s always nice seeing them grow and improve as the season goes by” says coach smalls.

Coach smalls has been the wrestling coach for almost two years and has long ties with the sport “I’ve been wrestling my whole life and it’s something that’s grown with me”

Wrestling dates as far as 5,000 years ago during the Sumerian time. Historical and archaeological traces of wrestling was also found in Ancient Egypt.

As for the Greeks, wrestling was considered a science and divide art. Athletes would wrestle naked, with their bodies coated in olive oil and thin sand, this would protect the skin from the sun or cold weather. The competitor who was able to throw his opponent or first brought him down would be declared the winner.

In 1904, freestyle wrestling was introduced during the St. Louis Games and was only disputed by American wrestlers. By 1983 The USA wrestling becomes the national governing body of amateur wrestling.

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