LRHS seniors are preparing for their futures after high school. Some are touring prospective schools. Campus tours help students learn about the college or university’s facilities, student life, academics, and programs. Seeing and learning about different schools can be helpful when determining where to apply.  

Csenge Csicsek – Mustangs Ahead

Seniors icon(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- Touring colleges may be nerve-wracking for some LRHS students. Four-year state universities that are very difficult to get into are even more scary. I took an easier path, touring State College of Florida Sarasota-Manatee (SCF-SM), a state college that is very convenient to anyone planning to stay in the area for your college years.

There are three SCF-SM campuses, Bradenton, Lakewood Ranch, and Venice. I toured the main campus in Bradenton to get an idea on how the school looks like and where the academic classes and amenities are.

When I walked into the main student services building, I was greeted by a student and an administrator. There is a visible double staircase behind the oval counter that leads upstairs. It is a very open, large glass windowed room that has couches and administration offices. Some students were studying their books in this quiet environment.

I remember being here before when I took the math, reading and grammar Postsecondary Education Readiness Test (PERT). The brought me around and showed me a few buildings like the library, Student Services, Academic Resource Center, and a little of the Science and Mathematics buildings.

In between looking at the buildings we got to see the campus courtyard. There are park benches and beautiful scenery that would help with quiet studying during the day. Study groups were outside sipping Starbucks coffee, enjoying the day while looking over papers.

I am planning to attend SCF the first couple of years to begin my education in Journalism and Media Communication/Public Relations.

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