atrium zen garden
LRHS officials want to convert the school’s atrium into a Zen garden.

Rachel Latka- Mustang Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – The LRHS administration plans to convert the outdoor area in the center of the 500 building into a Zen garden.  The project is expected to cost $10,000 and the school is raising money.

One Zen garden fundraiser is taking place at Shipley’s Donuts through 8 p.m. on Tuesday.

The idea for the fundraiser came from LRHS dean Susan O’Brien. She has been working to make this fundraiser a success and to find business partners that will help fund the $10,000 project.

At the fundraiser, ten percent of the proceeds will be going towards the project. O’Brien explained, “Anybody who donates will be a big help towards re-doing the Zen Garden and making it beautiful.”

The proceeds that are collected from Shipley’s Donuts will be going to purchasing many tools to beautify the Zen Garden since it has taken many years to finally happen. The donations will go to buying a weed barrier, hardscaping materials and outdoor furniture such as chairs and tables to fill the open space.

LRHS assistant principle Janine Galindo said,” The atrium space is an eyesore and several groups have made attempts to beautify it over the years, but the projects have never been completed.” She explained how beautiful the space was and how it is a good idea to start the project since it requires little maintenance.

The idea of the Zen Garden came from the LRHS graphic arts teacher Greg Klein.

Klein drafted a plan for the garden and explained that the Zen Garden can be, “a place for quiet reflection that would require little maintenance.”

Organizations, groups and clubs can donate to the Zen Garden fundraiser by transferring internal accounts to the project, or they can just go get some donuts.

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