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(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Sergio Rubio is the LRHS plant manager.  He is responsible for making sure the school is safe, healthy, and physically clean inside and out across

rubio and cleaning supplies
Sergio Rubio is LRHS’s plant manager.


Mustangs Ahead (MA): What did you do before working here?

Sergio Rubio (SR): Before I made my way to The Ranch, I was the head Custodian at Buffalo Creek Middle School on the North Side of the district. I was the head custodian there for about 18-19 months before getting my most recent promotion.

MA: How does LRHS compare to other schools in terms of cleanliness?

SR: The School honestly, is not ALL THAT DIRTY. It’s just the appearance from the outside. Due to all the palms and leaves that fall from the trees, then the wind blowing the dirt around when it is windy is no help to keep school clean.

MA: What’s surprised you about the school?

SR: I’ve subbed around the district to various schools and honestly, from animals to equipment being broken or damaged or flood outs in auditoriums, I’ve seen tons. The most surprising thing here is how amazingly busy this place stays and runs well with all the hours that get put in around here from staff to students and even the departments with their events and the teams too.

MA: What can students do to help keep the school clean?

SR: Well for starters, throwing trash away in the trash cans we have around the school. Just inside the school courtyards we have about 20 trash cans throughout the entire campus. Also, the writing on the walls if they refrained from that, that would be a HUGE help in that area.

MA: How big of a job is it to keep the school clean?

SR: At the Ranch the job to clean IS VERY BIG!! This is the biggest campus yet of the district. Every inch of this place easily doubles the amount of work done at my last school.

MA: How long does it take to clean?

SR: The cleaning time frame all depends on what we kind of cleaning we are looking at. For example, if a mop is not needed then you just saved maybe about 10 minutes from mopping and drying out the area, all also depending on how big the mess is. We have Magic Erasers for the graffiti and chemicals for just about everything else that needs attention.

MA: How big is the staff?

SR: There are 13 full-time employees and a four-hour custodian as well on this team.

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