Former Mustang attracting musical attention

Tanna Cochrane and Sarah Merzak – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- Former LRHS student Julian Hurt, commonly known as Li’l Cross among his peers, creates music that has become very popular among Mustangs.

At a young age Hurt fell in love with music.  His dad introduced him to all different genres. As he got older, he became more interested in rap music.

julian hurt
Mustang Juian Hurt is on Soundcloud.

“The deeper and deeper I got into the music realm… I began to listen to rap music more and more and that was the genre I fell in love with and that inspires me to make music,” said Hurt.

Hurt has been able to work with different sounds and tempos to create different types of music, however all of his songs fall under the rap/hip-hop genre.

He started releasing his own music about a year ago.  Since then he has made 11 singles as well as a ten-song mixtape, all of which can be found on Soundcloud. His most popular song to date is LIL CROSS, with 13,200 plays.

Throughout his year of creating music he has performed at the Tampa Orpheum in Ybor multiple times. He describes his experience onstage as a place where he belongs, “When I am on stage it is amazing to perform music and hear the crowd sing along, always supporting my music.”

At only 16-years-old, Hurt has been able to express his passion with the support of his friends and Mustangs.

He strives on being successful in the future making music.

“With every song I create I earn more followers and I am slowly starting to get recognized as a rapper in the music industry,” he said. “I think if my friends and I continue to make music, eventually we will be given recognition for the talent we have. We are shooting for the stars.”

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