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Nolan Carpenter– Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- One of the most common aspirations among Americans of all ages is to be rich.

People who don’t inherit wealth have to work to reach their dreams and just because someone is ready to work doesn’t mean they’ll get a great job or make a lot of money.

The ideal option for becoming rich is creating a business.  If that business takes off, the owner can become very rich.

An example of this is the PopSocket. The founder and ex-CEO of PopSocket, David Barnett, made money by selling plastic stands that go on the back of people’s phones. They sold more than 20 million in just a few years.

Though this option does work for some people, it is not guaranteed success. Great ideas need to catch on and become profitable before becoming full-time jobs. In the meantime, getting rich, along with life, is a lot easier if you get an education.

If you still want to make money but don’t want to become a business person, the best field to go into is the medical field. Not only is there a shortage of doctors now, but the government has found that with the large number of medical advances and increase in visits to the doctors, the demand will increase.

However, becoming a doctor is not the only way to become rich. So, if nothing in the medical field interests you, there are still other options.

LRHS macroeconomics teacher Benjamin Hall said one of the best industries to go into is the finance industry.

“You’d have specific knowledge of not only how the stock market works but all markets. You could get money to make money for you, which the best way to get rich because you’ll do practically nothing,” said Hall.

Whatever students do, Bill Gates once urged all young people to try their hardest, “If you don’t build your dream, someone else will hire you to build theirs.”

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