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(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)-The second quarter has begun for Mustangs. Some students view this new grading period as a fresh start.

“During the end of the first quarter, I felt good about my grades, said junior Logyn Smith. “I would say one of my favorite parts about the new grading period is being able to start on a fresh note. With all the grades resetting, it really gives me a sense of motivation to keep my grades up and to start the second quarter on a good note”

With the gradebook resetting, some students may fall behind, and some students will advance.

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Mustangs get a start on second quarter work

“Many [students] do better first quarter, just because it’s the beginning of the year and they’re still trying to start off on a good note,” LRHS math teacher Macie French said. “Some do better second quarter because they’ve settled in and understand the material better and understand how that teacher wants things done.”

Much like New Year resolutions mark the beginning of a new year, some Mustangs have “resolutions” for the second quarter.

“I plan to improve my grades this quarter by studying longer for tests and making sure that I write assignments in my planner everyday so that I do not forget to do them,” said senior Jaquelyn Clark. “With the start of the second quarter I plan on keeping my grades up and being the best that I can.”

For students who struggled first quarter, the good news is that quarter two grades matter just as much as quarter one grades.

“I would tell students not to give up. I feel like a lot of students out a lot of effort into the first quarter and reach the second quarter and get burned out,” junior Britney Mcfarlin said. “I plan to dedicate a lot more time to school because I didn’t spend as much time on things as I should have first quarter.”

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