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(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- Many people talk about the stress facing today’s high school students.  For an Advanced Placement (AP) student, this stress is even more present.

Following a day in the life of such a student can offer a window into some of the challenges some Mustangs face.

ap kid
LRHS junior Jake Hanson has a busy schedule

LRHS junior Jake Hanson is currently taking six AP classes, so he is more than familiar with stress.

Along with his six college classes, Hanson is also a part of Technology Student Association (TSA), National Honor Society (NHS), healthy teens, Future Problem Solvers (FPS) and Key Club. Hanson also took on additional responsibility by holding officer positions in these clubs.

Hanson said, “To be able to handle six AP classes and all of these extra circulars I have to manage my time really well. To do this, I work on TSA and extra circulars right after school, go to work, and then come home and complete any homework I have as well as study for test in advance.”

On average, Hanson spends about four hours a night doing homework, alongside working at PDQ 15 hours a week, and being scheduled most school nights.

“I think the hardest part was being able to choose between school, work, and hanging out with friends at times. It has added some stress, but I do not regret my choice of taking all of this on. I know one day it will all pay off,” Hanson added.

Throughout the last three years of also taking rigorous high school classes and other activities, Hanson has been able to keep up his grades as well as make time for friends.

“I enjoy the challenge, and after having to learn time management, I feel that it is easier for me to complete my homework, go to work, and participate in extra circulars. My dream is to attend Duke and be a part of their 2024 graduating class. I hope all of this stress, time, and school work will pay off in the future.”

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