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reviews symbol (4)(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Human nature compels people to judge what we don’t understand. Audieces often don’t give anything outside of their comfort zone a chance, and for that reason, many art forms are overlooked. However, what constitutes one piece of art to be great, while another is trash? Is art not subjective?

Hip Hop music is one art form that is sometimes considered lesser than its peers. While in recent years the perception has grown more favorable, hip hop has always faced negative public opinion.

Some could argue that this spans from its roots as a massively black artform, showing society’s unconscious prejudice. However, there could also be an argument that this is because of the content presented by those at the forefront of the genre.

Many people will insist that rap music is just about drugs, sex, and violence, with no true lyrical value. This generalization is, for lack of a better word, ill-informed. Many critically acclaimed rappers use this art form to tell a story of struggle, hardship, and how they rose above it.

Junior Rachel Lamoureaux said, “The way they choose their words to set a tone or scene shows the genre is a form of art.”

Artists like Tupac, Nas and  Kendrick Lamar use their music to create a story in the listener’s mind and they have been rewarded for their artistic integrity. In today’s hip hop scene, up-and-coming artists like J.I.D., Kevin Abstract (of Brockhampton), and many others have used their music as well to tell their story.

Another art form that is often overlooked is anime. While no one denies that animated films hold an important place in cinema, and at times hold their own with live action films, Japanese-originated animation still is not as widely accepted. Why is it that films like “The Lion King” or “Toy Story 2” gain such critical acclaim, while films like “Spirited Away” or “Akira” are a niche enjoyment?

Junior Zach Busby said, “Anime is a very enjoyable medium for me, and I believe it is dismissed because of the abnormal art style and over-the-top storylines. However, the way they present the story is very individual and sets it apart as its own art form.”

To truly appreciate art, people must first learn how to open their minds, and to not judge based on surface level observations. Imagine missing out on what could be your favorite song or movie because of a preconceived notion.

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