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reviews symbol (4)(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- “Venom”’s box-office success is proof of how easily persuaded the public is into accepting less as more. Obviously, everyone is entitled to an opinion, but this movie doesn’t even come close to providing a good story.

The main character of Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) is exceptional in this film but even he couldn’t save this monstrosity. During an interview, Hardy was asked about his favorite scene in the movie and replied with “my favorite 40 mins were cut from the film.”

The movie tells the story of an alien parasite who takes over the body of a journalist.

Obviously, Sony Pictures had no direction going into this movie. The only evidence of structure is valiantly carried by the actors, but you can blatantly see the holes while watching the film as characters jump from scene to scene with zero development.  For instance, Sony tried to sell Brock as a loser, out-of-work journalist but then fluffs him up by him having his own show and making him a B-list celebrity.

The camera shots are terrible in the first 15 minutes of the film with Hardy’s character drinking, then not, then drinking, then eating, then not, all within a 15 second clip.

Sony attempted to make Venom, the parasite, the comic relief, but nothing landed. Every “joke” felt cheap and unrelated, and even though Venom isn’t typically the “funny” guy, I still gave the approach a chance.  I appreciate creativity with characters, especially comic book characters yet it still failed terribly.

All the action scenes that were supposed to make this movie entertaining felt underwhelming, with Venom mostly throwing around S.W.A.T. troopers. Not only was it visually terrible but due to the weak plot and character development it was difficult to have any emotional connection to any of the characters involved.

By the end, I was disappointed by the overwhelming support the fans gave this dumpster fire. A character like Venom has the potential to tell a great standalone story and fans shouldn’t settle for anything less.

Sony was supposed to create this Venom movie to tie in with the thriving Marvel universe, but it never felt related. I hope Marvel gets their hands on this character in the coming years. Overall, it was a movie with no direction that carried zero momentum.

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