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Olivia Benson – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- Artificial intelligence (AI) is an upcoming technology for the world. It frequently appears in futuristic movies and is starting to develop all around the globe. But what is AI?

AI was proposed in the late 1950s and consisted only of neural networks, a computer-to-computer communication system. It stayed a system of neural networks until 1980, after which machines began to engage in basic learning but never became more advanced.

There have been recent breakthroughs in AI due to new process learning. AI can engage in deep learning from experiences the machine is introduced to. As the age of artificial intelligence is approaching, what does it mean for the population?

Most high school students focus on getting to college, but the hardest decision can by choosing a major once they get there. With technology rapidly advancing, AI is predicted to take over jobs.

AI is taking jobs in multiple different industries. They can do many tasks that involve learning and self judgement. According to NBC, within the next 35 years AI will take over more than 800,000,000 jobs, ranging from self-driving cars to stock trading and accounting.

Junior Jake Hanson, a LRHS Technology Student Association (TSA) representative said, “Artificial intelligence is going to play a major role in how different systems of our society will operate and hopefully make everyday life a lot easier.”

There are many jobs that AI won’t be able to take. Robots can’t understand human interaction, so jobs that require an emotional understanding are safe.  Jobs such as psychologists, authors, artists, policeman, and doctors are all considered to be in the “safe zone.”

Artificial intelligence is not all negative. CNBC states that “By 2020, AI will generate 2.3 million jobs, exceeding the 1.8 million that it will remove,” almost doubling the amount of jobs that were originally in place.

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