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(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- LRHS teachers, students, and staff have all got through the hectic first quarter. After getting through the August back-to-school frenzy, things around campus have returned to their natural order.

The nine weeks marked the end of seniors’ final first quarter. Senior Maddie Koczersut said, “Realizing my first last quarter is almost over is sad but there is also awhile left in the year and there is so many exciting things to come after high school.”

The first quarter is often a tough time for freshman because everything is new and they must adjust to high school.

“So far high school has been good. My favorite part was getting to know a lot of new students,” said freshman Tobias Davis.

This school year also marked the introduction of the skinny Mondays. Skinny Mondays are days in which students go to every class instead of the usual block schedule.

mike wood
LRHS English teacher Mike Wood reflects on a successful first quarter

Since school started, students and teachers have had a quarter to get used to this schedule change. English teacher Michael Wood said, “I like the skinny Mondays because it allows me to get everybody on the same page.”

Another change that went into effect this school year is the earlier start time. Wood said, “The worst part has been the earlier time…. not a fan.”

A lot of students and teachers agree with Wood. Sophomore Joey Wietecha said, “I think they should change the time back to how it was.”

As this quarter comes to an end, students want some things to remain the same for the rest of the year. Davis said, “I have good grades right now and I want them to stay the same next quarter.”

Though some students may want things to remain the same, others are seeking more change. Junior Mckenzie Clark said, “Next quarter I want to be more open to meet new people.”

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