Hayes DuJardin – Mustangs Ahead

GOOD ITUNES LOGO 2000 X 2000(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – The use of cell phones has been debated almost since they became common.  Do they help or harm the teens? A recent study has emerged showing that today’s teens prefer texting to talking to someone face-to-face.

An article from the Observatory of Educational Innovation states that “35% of respondents prefer to communicate with their friends via text message, 32% prefer face-to-face, and 16% prefer social media.”

Of course, these statistics may become ammunition for older generations to point out the effect cell phones have and to say how technology is damaging our social skills.

However, when someone is asked what they prefer, it seems at least some Mustangs prefer communication in person.

Junior Gabbi Tomaselli stated, “I prefer speaking face-to-face because I know I will get an instant response.”

So, does LRHS differ from the public? How do Mustangs like to communicate? Take our survey and let us know.

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