Health a key topic for Mustangs

Julia Hatton – Mustangs Ahead

GOOD ITUNES LOGO 2000 X 2000(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- Nothing is more important to LRHS students then being healthy. LRHS offers sports, clubs, and classes such as Health Opportunities through Physical Education (HOPE) to help students understand the importance of health, and to build their health.

HOPE teacher Carol Lidey said, “Being healthy is so important to students because you need to be healthy to live longer, and you need to live longer to reach your goals and to do what you want every day.”

According to “We’re Living Longer Than Ever Before but We Are Healthier” by, “People often turn to the increasing life expectancy of our population and assume that if that number increases, we must be getting healthier because we are living longer,”

Taking care of their bodies and watching what they eat is essential to athletes and makes a difference between winning and losing.

LRHS wrestling coach Tyler Small said, “Once my wrestlers work out, their mind set changes once they see what a great effect eating their proteins does on their body. You will never know the impact until you try it yourself.”

For example, Small said that “proteins are the most important thing to keep track of and eating a lot of chicken and meats is great for your muscles. You also need to stay away from foods that have too much sugar and fat.”

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