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(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- On the road to graduation, some Mustangs can find it hard to decide which college they want to go to, or how far their progress has come towards a high school diploma. Using the right online resources can help to make this process easier.

LRHS college and career counselor Michelle Todorff recommends “Florida Shines”

All students in the state of Florida have access to a program called “Florida Shines.” This program provides a variety of online resources to help prepare students for college and careers.

With “Florida Shines” students can explore careers, track their GPA and their progress towards the Bright Futures Scholarship, as well as search different colleges and track high school academic progress toward a diploma.

LRHS college and careers counselor Michelle Todoroff said the program could really help students.

“’Florida Shines’ has a lot of resources that are very beneficial for students,” Todoroff said. “Some of the resources on there are career interest surveys. You can also do college and major searches on there as well as scholarship searches.”

Mustangs can access “Florida Shines” online, logging in with their student ID number followed by an “X”.

“Students can just go on the website to get more information,” Todoroff continued. “The website walks you through it and their tutorials as well or they can also make an appointment with myself and I’m happy to go through it with them.”

“Florida Shines” provides Mustangs the resources they need to track progress towards graduation, as well as personalized quizzes to help search for the right college or career.

“I think that this program could benefit me immensely,” junior Logyn Smith said. “When looking through graduation requirements, it is easy to become confused, or lose track of progress. With this program, I now have all the information about my academic career at my fingertips.”

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