Ranch reflections – First job requires adjustment time

Starting a new job can be terrifying, but at the same time very exciting. This summer, I started my first job ever, as a camp counselor. It was a summer full of ups and downs and many new experiences. From learning how to handle the kids to the rules of the different games we would play, it was a summer that brought me a very unique first job.

Kara Smith – Mustangs Ahead

Reflections icon (2)(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- The first week of work was very stressful for me because I wasn’t used to the hours, the people I worked with and the kids I oversaw. It was a completely new experience and it took me some time to adjust.

After my first month of working, I received my first paycheck. Our pay periods were the 15th  and 30th  of every month. When I received my first paycheck, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount. The paycheck was nice, but for me it was a bonus to job, because I really enjoyed working there.

As the summer progressed, the job got easier and more fun.  I began learning the kids’ names and becoming friends with my co-workers, and I really started to enjoy it.

At camp, we usually did the same 10 activities. The activities included “Pepsi-Coke,” “Ships and Sailors,” “Gaga Ball,” “Doctor Dodgeball,” football, soccer, ultimate frisbee, and making friendship bracelets.

“Pepsi-Coke” is a game where one kid is assigned each drink and they run to each other. “Ships and Sailors” is a running game where players must follow different commands. In “Gaga Ball” two teams of two are in a pit and they try to hit the other teams’ feet using a kickball. The kids loved the games and the variety was important to keep them interested from day to day.

The age range of the kids also made the job challenging. The kids ranged in age from 5-13 and it made it difficult to choose an activity that appealed all the kids.

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