Mustang Q & A: School guardian Louis Cruz

 Hannah Kennelly – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – School guardian Louis Cruz has joined the LRHS staff. Cruz shares his daily activities and daily tasks to help protect the school and keep Mustangs safe.

 Mustangs Ahead (MA): What is your role/purpose at LRHS?

new school guardian
New LRHS guardian keeps watch over the cafeteria

Louis Cruz (LC): Well to start, my sole purpose here on campus is to provide security and protect all staff and students equally, as directed by the bill signed into law by the Governor of the state of Florida…to stop an armed intruder or detain that individual. Provide the sense that I’m everywhere and visible. The end is to make sure everyone on campus goes home to their love ones every day.

MA: How do you like LRHS?

LC: Everyone here has been extremely warm and welcoming since I’ve arrived.

MA: What are some daily tasks that accompany with being a guardian?

LC: My daily activity will consist of patrolling the building inside and out. As well as the exterior of the school.

MA: What previous background did you have to becoming a guardian?

LC: I’m a retired New York Police Department (NYPD) detective with 28 years of service assigned to the Homicide, Robbery and Narcotic Division. I also provided security protection for three years to our NYPD Police Commissioner.

MA: How are you settling in at LRHS?

LC: I’m settling just fine. I feel like I’m getting into a groove. Feels great to contribute to the community.

MA: What has the reaction been from the LRHS community?

LC: Some mix feelings on armed security from the community, but they understand the need, unfortunately, in today’s world. They’re happy to hear most of us who have experience in Law Enforcement.

MA: Any past experiences that have helped you prepare for this job?

LC: My Law Enforcement and my children and Grandkids have helped me prepare. My wife says I have the patience of a saint.

MA: What inspired you to take on this position?

LC: I think for me being retired so long with Law Enforcement background and still relatively young, this is where I should be. Unfortunately, we need the security at the schools. It’s sad. Our children should have a safe place to go to receive and education. And I want to make sure I do my part by providing the security.

MA: Do you have any goals or aspirations for this school year?

LC: I would like for all the students to do well and go onto college and go into the world to be productive men and women.  My goal is to make sure everyone goes home safe and sound.

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