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Mustangs ahead hopes to follow seniors Malik Hass and Trinity Chavez throughout their last year.

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- The LRHS class of 2019’s final year of high school has begun, and seniors are anticipating all the new aspects of the upcoming year.  The seniors are also beginning to plan their futures as their high school years are soon coming to an end.

malik haas
LRHS senior Malik Haas

Malik Hass came to LRHS during his junior year. So far, senior year has been relaxing for him instead of being stressful, which is a good start.

He is looking forward to going to prom because it is a part of the high school experience everyone should have. Hass is also excited to graduate.

Graduating is his top priority for now and he plans to join the Air Force as soon as he graduates. He wants to become an aerospace physiologist.

Passing his ASVAB is something he wishes to achieve before graduating, but leaving his family and friends is something he is still not prepared for.

Trinity Chavez plans to make her last year at LRHS memorable.trinity chavez

Chavez is looking forward to graduating and senior week, along with starting her life after high school. Her goal is to be successful and live a happy life.

She hopes to live a stable life on her own before the end of this year. She would also like to go sky diving and travel around the world.

After high school, Chavez is looking at going to a state/community college for the first few years to get her associates degree and then aims to join the military.

These seniors will work to make their future goals possible before leaving LRHS.

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