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(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Sophomore year is a completely different experience than freshman year. Students move up and are no longer the minnows in a shark tank.

As freshmen come into high school they’re nervous because it’s a completely new experience. Sophomores have one year of high school experience and it makes school seem a lot less scary.

savannah grey
LRHS sophomore Savannah Gray

Sophomore Savannah Gray said, “Last year I was so nervous, and I felt intimidated by the upperclassman. This year it’s not as scary.”

Though sophomore year means less nerves, it does mean higher expectations. Teachers expect more, including higher levels of reading and writing and fewer childish excuses as to why your work isn’t done.

Sophomore Luke Toole said, “As a freshman, teachers would take an assignment one day late and it wouldn’t impact your grade that much. As a sophomore if you turn in an assignment late it turns into a D.”

sophomore challenges 2
LRHS sophomore Luke Toole

Teachers also expect sophomores to know the basic rules and how the school is run. Since sophomores have been at the school for a year there is higher expectations for students following the rules from the start of the school year.

LRHS English teacher Michael Wood said, “Sophomores have more familiarity with the way things work here at LRHS, so less time is dedicated at the beginning of the year to reminding students of the lay of the land and proper procedures.”

As freshmen, students don’t need to worry about as many exams and important tests. Sophomores have more tests to worry about.

sophomore challenges 1
LRHS sophomore Kade Reyher

Another difference appears in sports. As a sophomore there is a lot more competition for spots on the teams. Sophomore and football player Kade Reyher said, “It is a lot more competitive for football. We have higher expectations as sophomores.”

Junior Jenna Hernandez has some advice for sophomores. Hernandez said, “Don’t procrastinate with your school work. AP classes aren’t as hard as they seem and don’t get caught up with the drama.”

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