Isabella Estrada – Mustangs Ahead

Freshmen(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) -The 2018-19 LRHS school year has officially wrapped its first two weeks. With this, freshmen are now able to say that they are fully immersed in high school.

“I was nervous about getting lost,” said freshman Megan Scully. The first weeks of school are never easy, from meeting new people to getting lost, there are always many struggles to face.

Freshman experience a lot of change as they transition into high school life. Scully shared, “I really like the block schedule but waking up at 5 a.m. is not fun.”

Though high school can be tough, the teachers at LRHS try to help. World Literature teacher Michael Wood helped students after their first assembly and went over key points that were made.

Wood pointed out that students are not the only ones who get nervous, “There’s always nerves when meeting over 150 new people for the first time and establishing a classroom environment”.

Despite the struggles, high school is said to be one of the most exciting times of life.

“I am ready to get to know my teachers and make new friends,” shared Scully.

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