Manoela Dos Santos – Mustangs Ahead Junior Associate Editor

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- After a long summer break it is easy for students to forget LRHS’s rules and expectations. School officials say a few reminders can help ensure a smooth transition back to school.

LRHS assistant principal Michael Staker urges students to develop successful habits on campus

It is mandatory to wear student ID cards on campus during school hours. IDs must be displayed around the neck and should not be covered by any garment.

LRHS assistant principal Michael Staker said, “We are all here to provide a safe and secure campus where all students have the greatest possibilities for success.”

Students are also expected to dress appropriately, following the dress code in the student code of conduct. Any student not meeting the dress code will face consequences. All students are encouraged to review the Code of Conduct for the 2018-19 school year to avoid any mishaps.

Staker said, “All school rules are enforced according to the discipline matrix, not just the major offenses.”

Finally, cell phone, electronics or headphone uses are prohibited during class time. Students are only allowed to use these items before school and during lunch. Mustangs will be asked to turn them over to administration if they are visible at any other time.

“Students need to be sure they are in dress code, wearing their IDs, and keeping their electronic devices away during the school day,” said Staker. He adds remembering these simple rules minimize chances of getting in trouble.

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