Amanda Hamende – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- As the end of the year school approaches, new leadership must be elected for 2018-2019.  The LRHS drama department recently chose its new student leaders.  The new leadership team includes –

  • Ty Dearing- President
  • Rachael Davis- Vice President
  • Alexandria Rogalski
  • JT Girman
  • Spencer Waid
  • Marleigh Hall
  • Gabby Macogay
  • Alex Kraus
  • Marissa Boback
  • Liz Kinnard
  • Toni Gulbransen
  • Jordan Cangro

LRHS drama director Roxanne Caravan said, “We only have some of the positions filled such as the President and Vice President, but the rest of the positions will be decided by next week.”

Many of the newly elected officers are excited for the upcoming year, including sophomore Gabby Macogay who stated, “I am very happy that I am a part of this year’s leadership team.  I think with such a large team we’ll be able to be really productive and get a lot of great things accomplished for the department in the upcoming year.”

Sophomore Hailey Whalers stated, “Even though I am not a part of this year’s leadership team, I am confident that the team can work together and do good by the department. I am excited about the new year and the busy schedule that we have.”

Caravan said, “I am very excited for the leadership team next year.  We have a great team and lots of people with great leadership skills coming in.  To prepare students, we have been doing team building activities, talking about what the purpose of leadership is and how to be good communicator.”

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