Mustang freshmen ready to take next step

Sara Genter and Jordan Heffner – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Freshman students at LRHS are nearing the end of their first year of high school, and there were many reactions to the experience.

“My first year at Lakewood was exciting and overwhelming,” said LRHS freshman Kaidyn Cameron. This seems to be the general consensus among freshman students.

There are certain things that are necessary to learn when being a freshman. Students like Thama Jean said to make sure to do your homework so you don’t get behind, because it’s hard to catch up.

Matthew Penkert said it was “confusing and stressful, but still fun.” Most freshmen seem to agree that their first year had its downsides but was still a worthwhile experience.

Students have also offered advice for future freshmen that they learned throughout the year.

“Start studying,” said Hope Miller. Incoming freshman should avoid getting behind. It can put grades in jeopardy, but if you avoid getting behind, they’ll be fine.

What do freshmen need to know for next year as they begin tenth grade? Sophomore Morgan Hoffman recommended that they stay on top of their grades and take higher level classes.

Teachers such as Monica Bueso described this year’s freshmen as “nice, focused, and dedicated.” Compared to last year’s ninth grade class, she thought this year’s was “more well-behaved.”

Biology teacher Drexel Houston agrees.

“They’re really good and hard workers,” he said.

Five hundred and ninety-one Mustangs will be moving on to tenth grade next year.

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