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(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)-Exam season for LRHS begins Wednesday of next week. Many students spend the year dreading this moment, praying they’ll pass all their classes. Everyone has a morning routine when it comes to school, but should they follow this same routine during exam season? What improvements can students make to the morning routine to better the chances of achieving successful exam grades?

Nutrition plays a vital role in the morning. A good and healthy meal can leave students feeling happy and energetic. Making a favorite breakfast meal may help Mustangs do better than expected on tests.

Dr. Alex Richardson wrote in a BBC article, “Research shows that pupils and students who eat breakfast perform better in exams.”

Rachel Lamoureaux, LRHS sophomore, described her ideal breakfast meal.

“I go all out on testing mornings. I like to have a bagel with cream cheese, a blueberry muffin on the side, along with a big cup of orange juice.”

Breakfast isn’t the only important thing on testing mornings. Hayes Dujardin, sophomore, stated, “I always get more sleep than usual when I have testing. I make sure to get at least a full eight hours of sleep, to ensure I’m not tired whatsoever when taking the tests.”

A Huffington Post article by Jacqueline Howard validates Dujardin’s statement.

“If you want to maximize your time learning you must sleep,” the article stated. “Research has consistently shown that taking the time to sleep before an exam will benefit your test score more than four or five hours of staying awake staring at notes that you will not remember.”

When it comes to exams students need all the advice they can receive. There’s a lot a student can do to prepare for a morning exam. Drinking water and staying hydrated the night before and the morning of the exam can help.

The BBC article pointed out, “One of the best ways to maximize your focus is to stay hydrated. Even mild dehydration can lead to tiredness, headaches, reduced alertness and diminished concentration.”

Combining all these techniques and more will give students the opportunity to feel as well as possible on exam days. Studying isn’t the only component in passing an exam.

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