LRHS math teacher Ann Johnson assists sophomore Luke French
LRHS math teacher Ann Johnson (r) assists sophomore Luke French

Maddy Rosenberg – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Math teacher Ann Johnson’s time here at LRHS is ending as she plans to retire at the end of the schoolyear.

“I really loved all of my students,” Johnson said. “I particularly enjoyed when they would come and ask me for extra help after school. This way I could connect with them and have the satisfaction of showing them something new.”

Johnson’s favorite memories at LRHS involve her students, “The memory from this school that will stick out the most to me is having my AP calculus students have supper at my house the night before their exams.” She recalls making them pasta and making everlasting memories with her students.

“Another favorite memory of mine is assigning my geometry students a project where they create several miniature homes. They had to pretend to be real estate agents and then create fliers and advertisements for their creations. It was a blast,” Johnson remembered.

After finishing this year, Johnson plans to move to North Carolina, where she currently owns a home in the mountains. She is excited to kick back and relax after the school year.

Johnson’s advice for future teachers is to get to know the students, “They are truly amazing kids. Bond with them individually and spend as much time with them as you can. You will find that in the end, it will be the most rewarding thing!”

As we all have many memories of Johnson, she is leaving with many memories of us as well!

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