Lauren Wood – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- As graduation nears, “Mustangs Ahead,” the LRHS student journalism program, is preparing for the upcoming 2018-19 school year by naming new editorial officers.

Throughout the year, seniors have mentored their underclass associates in editing and composing stories for “Mustangs Ahead.”

Senior podcast editor Ameliabelle Dasovich has been in “Mustangs Ahead” for three years. She is excited to graduate but feels nostalgic when reflecting on the past, “I remember being in here sophomore year when I was extremely shy. But now I’m sure of myself and my abilities, and it’s all because of this class.”

Sophomore Claudia Estevez will be the head podcast editor for next year.

Seniors Samantha Harris (editor), SkyLee Miller (outreach coordinator), and Sydney Wicks (senior associate editor) have been in the program for the past four years.

Harris said she has grown with the program and has been very involved with her leadership role throughout her senior year.

“I think becoming an editor has made me a lot more confident and much more of a leader. I’m more open to new ideas and ‘Mustangs Ahead’ has helped me out a lot,” she commented.

Harris will continue to study journalism at the University of South Florida in St. Petersburg next year. Junior Dee Evans will be filling her shoes as editor next year.

“The best advice I have for Dee will be to take control and don’t be afraid to tell people what to do. Being able to take charge is a really big part of taking over,” Harris added.

Evans has been in Mustangs Ahead since freshman year and is anxious to take over as lead editor. “It’s terrifying,” she said with a laugh, “Sam’s been doing a great job as editor the last year, so they’re pretty big shoes to fill. I’m going to try my best though and stay up to date with modern journalism.”

She is sad to watch the seniors leave but is thrilled for their future. “Getting to know them this year has been great, and I’ve become really good friends with them. Sam has been a role model for me and made me realize what I need to improve on in the future.”

Junior Jonathon Reid and sophomore Manoela Dos Santos will be co-associate editors in the upcoming school year. Sophomore Cameron Willis will be the new outreach coordinator and sophomore Christopher Georgas will oversee Mustang Musings Literary Magazine. Sophomore Emma Mcintyre will take charge of infographics.

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