Brady Roberts – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- Many Mustang sports teams’ seasons are ending, but many athletes won’t experience a true offseason.

To achieve greatness at anything in life, Mustangs must work harder than the competition. Working year-round gives both athletes and teams a better chance to succeed next season.

This is true for the LRHS boys’ basketball team as well. After their 64-61 playoff loss to Riverdale High School on Feb. 22, many players began training for next season. Players were coming in and doing extra work as soon as the following Monday.

“Basketball off-season workouts are good for the whole team to stay together and bond while school is out,” said sophomore Keon Buckley.  “It’s also good for getting us in better shape, getting us stronger, and getting us better at basketball.”

LRHS football players have also began their workouts to start preparing for next season. The players have begun lifting and conditioning for next season. Junior Cooper Corley said, “For football workouts we started lifting the day after our last game.”

Cooper also stated that the team has spring workouts after school every day after school in April. This will continue until the spring game takes place in May, with summer workouts immediately following.

Volleyball offseason workouts and conditioning have also begun. The girls have after-school workouts 2:10-4:30 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays to work on skill developments and team success for next season.

Sophomore Alexa Taronocker said, “Volleyball off-season workouts are great to keep me in shape all year so when volleyball season comes around, we’re all ready to play at our full potential.”

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