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Erin Eilers – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- Since 2018 began, “Mustangs Ahead” has taken an occasional glance into the future of technology.  The year 2020 promises innovative and imaginative new forms of technology around the world in different countries and fields of business.

Usually when Mustangs think of the future, robots, silver spandex and floating cars cross their minds; the movie “Back to the Future,” with its fictional portrayal of the future, is not the best source of realistic visions of the future.

However, some of the future that “Back to the Future” painted may not be that far away.

According to NBC’s, “12 reasons 2020 will be awesome year,” there is a possibility that the ‘flying car’ will be airborne.

Not everyone who seriously peers into the future is convinced, however.

Mike Liebhold, institute for the future commented, “No. The air traffic control for something like that is incredible.” NBC goes on to add, “It’s a problem in every way; logistically we can’t do it, cost-wise we can’t do it, and technologically its extremely unlikely.”

This might put a damper on many Mustangs’ dreams, but Popular Science predicts that the military might have its prototype “flying Humvee” by 2020, but this will not come in handy to civilians for many years.

The automobile industry is expected to pump out new forms of technology in the coming years; another example of this being put to the test is the possibility of cars that will drive themselves.

Such machines already exist, but NBC comments their widespread use faces serious questions.

“Getting all these heterogenous cars to speak to one another. We don’t yet have the wireless infrastructure, globally speaking, to link all our cars with all our traffic tech.” The outcome for this is not immediate, however Popular Science believes that this feat is certainly doable.

How will future Mustangs taking drivers education classes will handle these new technologies?  LRHS’ drivers education teacher Tom Wyar said, “Basically some schools teach them now through new simulators that show some of the automated features in the new self-driving cars.”

Although these simulators are not yet available for Mustangs to use, eventually they will be integrated into the class to give the students a first-hand account of new technologies they might use in the future.

Many Mustangs enjoy a good science fiction movie now and then, so they may have seen plots featuring humans controlling devices via microchips implanted in the brain.

Currently it is possible to implant a chip in the brain and receive a response to or stimulate gross neural activity, however exports do not understand the brains nuance well enough to create an interface that would “let you channel surf by simply thinking about it,” Popular Science predicts that we might have chips in the brain by 2020, but they will not be capable of doing much.

Science Focus “Future Technology: 22 ideas about to change our world,” reports that Breathalyzer cars have been developed by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. A breathalyzer car is essentially a device implemented in a vehicle that can monitor alcohol levels by, “sniffing a driver’s breath or scanning the blood in their fingertips via the steering wheel, immobilizing the car if levels are too high.” Drivers who choose to use this system will be offered lower insurance premiums.

In addition to breathalyzer cars, self-driving trucks are also a possibility that are already being tested by companies like Mercedes and Peloton. Self-driving trucks will be cheaper to run than regular rigs, they would drive smoother, use less fuel, and have longer routes. The downside of this technological feat is the possibility of putting many drivers out of work, however companies have stated that the trucks will still need a human passenger to ensure safe cargo.

Whether it be automobile related or inserting a chip into your brain, Mustangs are going to have a lot to learn about the technology of the 2020, this is only the beginning.

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