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Ruby List – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Wednesday night LRHS hosted its annual Fine Arts Spring Showcase gallery night. This event highlights the work of students in photography, orchestra, chorus, ceramics, and painting classes. This night is a way for students to present what they have made and learned throughout the year in these electives.

Gallery night is held in the LRHS courtyard and the auditorium. Families and teachers attend, and all students in the elective classes are required to participate.

“I’ve had to go to Gallery night almost every year throughout high school, since I have always taken a painting class it may be a little weird sometimes, but I always like seeing what everyone has been up to, and I tend to have a pretty good time,” said LRHS senior Alexa Tadelman.

Artwork is not the only thing on show during Gallery night. Chorus, theatre, band and orchestra each put on performances in the auditorium and the LRHS Key Club holds a bake sale.

LRHS art teacher Terry Thompson said the entire fine arts department helped to make a successful event.

“I am very proud to be a part of this wonderful department, she said.  “The care and love the Mustangs receive will stay with them for their lifetime.”

LRHS drama director Roxanne Caravan agreed.

“Thanks to everyone that came out to support our Fine Arts Spring Showcase last evening,” she said.  “It was a true celebration of the talent of our Arts students at the Ranch!   Yes, the Arts are very alive at LRHS.”

Arts Collaboration and Design helped put up posters and information on a social issue they are passionate about on display in the courtyard. Senior Joe Maier displayed his poster on unclean drinking water in Africa.

LRHS art teacher Abby Kolesa said, “Gallery night is always crazy to organize but it is also always great to finish and see what all my students have accomplished this year, we have done some great artworks and Gallery Nights over the years and I hope to keep it that way.”

LRHS senior and chorus student Danel Koller said, “I always like going to Gallery night it’s an easy grade, and what we do for chorus is always fun, it’s like performing for a live audience in a real concert.”

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