Zian Mahfuz – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- There are over 40 clubs in LRHS but only a few are part of the daily campus conversation.  Clubs rise and fall for a variety of reasons based on membership, leadership and public relations.

The Psychology club is an inactive club for this semester. Most of the club is made up of seniors.

Club advisor Coach Frantz said, “The seniors are caught up with their own obligations.” The seniors don’t have time to attend meetings because they must focus on graduating and finishing their classes.”

Frantz hopes next year more underclassmen will join and step up as leaders.

Girl Talk is currently active but a little known since there wasn’t much news on the club.

Club leader Tonya Adams said their outreach efforts were hamstrung by events beyond the members’ control.

“We couldn’t make the announcement about the club because of everything with Hurricane Irma,” she said.

Girl Talk will continue being a club next year, and Adams hopes that it will have more members.

A dead club from the past that ended three years ago is History club.

Club adviser and LRHS social studies teacher Lori Mills explained that the club ended because due to lack of student interest.

They went on field trips and participated in many events and Mills hopes to resurrect the club in the future.

Clubs can stay alive by having better public relations. They can ask for stories from “Mustangs Ahead,” announce the club on the “Lakewood Live” morning TV announcements, put up posters around the school and have members spread the word.

To help the club continue through the years the leadership and members should be a mix of upper and underclassmen.

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