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Maddy Rosenberg – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – The opportunity to study abroad is promoted by colleges and universities around the country. It is less common, however, for high school, or even elementary school, students to have an opportunity for distance learning.

Distance learning, or distance education, is the educating of currently enrolled students who are not present in school at the given time. Often the student will be in far-away locations although still participating in corresponding courses from their schools.

Distance learning enables students who are unable to attend a traditional school environment to remain enrolled in a certain school system. This differs from homeschooling because the individual will still be enrolled in an actual school rather than an online homeschooling program.

This concept allows students to participate in opportunities of a lifetime while still maintaining their studies. Even though it is most common in colleges, there has been an increase in distance learning for students as young as those in the elementary grades.

As a former distance education student myself, I can honestly say that it is a challenge. I began with my foreign studies in the city of Nice, France at the age of six. This was around the time I was entering my second year of elementary school, therefore, my parents felt it was appropriate to enroll me in an all-French public school. I lived in France until I was 13 years old.

Not only was the education on the foreign culture awe-inspiring, but the education process of the foreign school.

At the time I found balancing two schools to be an overwhelming inconvenience, I now thank my parents for the opportunity as I am bilingual and possess a broader spectrum of education. Distance education is a test of devotion and commitment to education. Although it takes great motivation, it also provides an amazing experience.

My advice to future college students is to take the chance. The thought of exiting your comfort zone can be frightening at first, however the experience undergone is entirely incredible. It is for this reason that I believe in sharing this insight instead of just retaining a standard routine.

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