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(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – The LRHS boy’s and girl’s lacrosse season came to end Wednesday night.  Both teams finished their seasons with a win.

The boys played at 5:30 against Sarasota Military Academy (SMA) and won 18-5.  Jayden Carter, Owen Ingham, Chase Sharp, Clay Barone, Blake Mulder, Johnny Mitchel, and Matthew Dugan scored.

Dugan plays defense for the lacrosse team and this is his senior year, so scoring in his last high school game was a very exciting moment for him and the team.

Carter, a junior, said, “It felt great to play a new sport.  It was a great season and hopefully it’ll be just as fun next year.  I loved playing with all of the guys.”

The girls team won 9-4, also against SMA.  Audrey Mahoney scored many goals for her team last night leading them to win their last game.

Freshman Camila Kassner said, “It was a really fun first year and I can’t wait until next season.”

Junior Drew Mitts said, “It was a great experience, and it gave a good family atmosphere.  We will miss the seniors.”

Coach looks back on inaugural season

Jess Husel – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)-  As the first ever LRHS boys and girls lacrosse seasons come to an end, girls coach Sammy Stoltz recapped a successful season.

Mustangs Ahead (MA):  What was the best thing about coaching the LRHS girls lacrosse team?

Stoltz:  Getting to know the girls and to teach them the sport that I love.

MA:  What’s some things you’ve learned while coaching here?

Stoltz:  I have learned that patience is key when coaching.

MA:  Are you excited about next year? What do you hope to improve for next year?

Stoltz:  Of course. Some goals are to improve our midfield transition.  As we grow in skill, we will be able to effectively move the ball down the field with confidence.

MA: What was the most challenging part of this season?

Stoltz:  The most challenging part of the season was having to deal with the behind the scenes work it takes to run a team.

MA:  Are you happy with how you spent your time this season?

Stoltz:  Very. It’s a great feeling when parents and other coaches are talking about how much better we are now compared to the start of the season.

MA:  Did you reach your pre-season goals? If not, why do you think you and the team fell short?

Stoltz:  We met one of the three goals that we set.  We fell short on going .500 for the season and beating Manatee, but I believe those will come with time.  The goal we did meet was to become closer as a team.  These girls have created lifelong friendships and the chemistry growing between them is pretty cool to see.

MA:  If you can go back and do one thing differently what would you do?

Stoltz:  Nothing. We learned from every single action that was taken this year and it is better preparing us for next year.

MA:  What was your favorite memory from this year?

Stoltz:  My favorite memory… I have two.  My first was when Alyssa [Bradford, sophomore] scored her very first goal.  The amount of excitement she gave off was electrifying.  My second is when Bella [Yost, junior] scored in our second game against Riverview.  In our season opener, Riverview shut us out.  We did not want that to happen again, so when Bella scored, the team went wild.

MA:  How do you feel about the season overall? If you had to rate it 1-10 what would it be and why?

Stoltz:  Overall, I call it a success.  I would rate it a 10 because 31 girls were given an opportunity to be a part of something bigger than themselves.  They came to practice ready to work and games ready to fight hard.  As a coach, that is a dream.

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