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(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- It’s April 2018 and means that it is an important time of the year for the sports world. April marks the end of college basketball season, the beginning of the MLB (Major League Baseball), the start of the NHL (National Hockey League) Stanley Cup playoffs, and finally the start of the NBA (National Basketball Association) playoffs.

The month of April is a huge part for all four of these sports, whether it be starting the season on the right foot, or, more importantly, the beginning of the journey for a championship trophy for teams good enough to make the playoffs.

This year the college championship game was played on April 2 and featured the Villanova Wildcats and the Michigan Wolverines. The Wildcats ended up winning the championship after leading for a large portion of the game, winning by a score of 79-62. This gave the Wildcats their second championship in three years.

Junior Jacob Pipercic commented on the championship game, “I’m a big college basketball fan and I was disappointed not to see my team in the finals, but I always love watching the championship game.”

As the NHL regular season is slowly ending, 16 teams will have the opportunity to compete for the Stanley Cup. The playoffs will begin Wednesday, April 11. According to CBS sports Vegas Knight odds, the Tampa Bay Lightning are the favorites to win the cup at 8-1 odds.

The NBA playoffs will also be beginning soon. The first game is scheduled to be played on Saturday, April 14. The race to see what teams will make the playoffs is extremely tight in the Western Conference and could come down to the final regular season game. With many talented teams in the league this year there isn’t a clear winner and every round should have great games. The Golden State Warriors are the favorites to win the title at 5-4 odds, according to Vegas Insider.

“Cleveland Cavaliers player LeBron James is the greatest player of all time, and that’s why I believe that they will win the NBA Finals,” said senior Noah Oxley.

While all these sports’ seasons are ending, MLB is just getting started. The regular season for baseball is very long, as it begins in late March and ends in early October. The start of a new season is a new beginning for all teams and they will all be looking for a good season.

Junior Johnny Reid follows many different sports and said, “I love this time of year because almost all the major sports have an important part of the season going on, either the beginning or the end, which makes it very exciting. The Masters for golf also happens in April, so basically the only major sport missing is football.”

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