Kat Stuart – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH FL)- The Manatee School Board promotes character education themes by picking a monthly pillar, and April’s monthly pillar focuses on the characteristic of honesty.

Honesty, the quality of being honest, is a word that some people tend to take for granted. In the grand scheme of things, honesty is one of the most important qualities that a person can possess.

Manatee Sheriffs deputy Paul Harris, the LRHS School Resource Officer (SRO) said, “the truth shall set you free.” He explained that honesty builds trust, “Trust is everything. Once you lie, it’s hard to trust someone again.” Harris says that honesty is the basis for all types of relationships and friendships a person will encounter in their lifetime.

Harris said that most of the students have a great sense of honesty give or take a few here and there.

LRHS classroom substitute Dawn Haushalter is a dedicated educator who views honesty as the most important quality a person can poses. She said that honesty is about being true to yourself and to others. Haushalter said, “be who you are, and don’t change yourself for other people.”

Haushalter gets an idea of the integrity level of the students she sees on an everyday basis. She explained that while most students have a good level of honesty, it “depends on who they are talking to.” Even though being honest isn’t always the easiest thing to do, it shows integrity and responsibility among individuals.

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