Sunscreen a Spring Break essential

Lindsay Coleman – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- As spring break 2018 approaches, everyone needs to read up on one of the most important necessities you’ll need for this break – sunscreen.

Nobody wants to spend their whole break inside because they’re suffering from a bad sunburn, and an easy way to prevent this is by using sunscreen.

Sunscreen has many important protective properties to keep your skin flawless.

“My favorite sunscreen brand is BananaBoat! It smells like bananas and lasts all day long after just one application,” said LRHS senior Faith Schyck.

There are many other brands of sunblock that hold each of their own unique qualities to fit the needs of a variety of people.

LRHS senior Kevin Bass said, “My favorite sunscreen is Neutrogena, especially my face sunscreen. It protects my skin from the sun and helps prevent breakouts all in one.”

Sunscreen is important for protection from burning and getting freckles.

In serious cases, sunburns can result in sun poisoning or skin cancer. It is important to prevent these extreme cases to keep your skin young and healthy.

Too much sun can also lead to pre-mature wrinkles and sun spots, making the age of your skin appear older than it truly is.

“I want to keep my skin looking as young as possible. My grandmother has a history of constantly tanning and lying in tanning beds and her skin today is not what I want my skin to look like in the future,” said junior Rheana White.

Getting a nice tan may sound like the ideal spring break but Mustangs should be sure to protect their skin in the process.

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