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(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- Housing, utilities, childcare, and voter registration are all aspects of an adult life. Thursday and Friday, however, LRHS seniors get a taste of the adult life with “The Big Bank Theory.”
“The Big Bank Theory” is an event hosted by the Manatee County Chamber of Commerce in the school gym for all seniors in government and economics classes.

Each student who participated got a sheet with a job, an annual salary, a marital status, the financial status of their spouse, how many children they have, and their monthly income after taxes. Also included on the sheet were stations that the students must visit to attempt to obtain financial stability within their adult life.

Around the gym were utilities, transportation, grocery, and childcare stations among many others. Each station took away a certain amount of the student’s monthly income, which depended on what they were buying (insurance, a car, a house, etc…).

The purpose of the event was to show seniors what it’s like to budget and make important financial decisions.

LRHS college and career advisor Michelle Todoroff said that this has been the eighth year of “The Big Bank Theory.”

“I believe it has been successful. It shows seniors what it’s going to be like in the future and the important decisions they will need to make,” Todoroff said.

Senior Taylor Trent said, “I thought it was fun and helpful and really brought to my mind what it’ll take to be an adult in the future.”

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