Michael Conway – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – March Madness, the national college basketball championship tournament, is one of the biggest events in college sports. It first started in 1939 and has been held every year since.

There are two ways that a team can earn a bid to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) tournament. The 32 Division I conferences all receive an automatic bid, which they award to the team that wins the postseason conference tournament. Regardless of how a team performed during the regular season, all are eligible for their conference tournaments. These teams are known as automatic qualifiers.

March Madness began on Tuesday, March 13 and ends Monday, April 2. Many Mustangs enjoy following the competition.  

Senior Cade Wessel said, “I’m always looking forward to the month of March because I love watching my favorite college teams go at it, and I love making brackets with my friends to see who can get the most right.”

Senior Matthew Dugan said, “March Madness is a big part of my life because I’ve been a basketball fan since I could remember, I just love the competitive nature and the excitement the tournament brings to college basketball.”

Junior Johnny Reid commented, “I always fill out the maximum number of brackets for the tournament because the more I get right means more money coming my way, and that’s just one reason why March is a great month for sports.”

Junior Brady Roberts said, “March Madness is by far the most exciting tournament in all of college sports and the championship game usually falls on my birthday which is really cool.”

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