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(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- Daylight saving time (DST) for 2018 began at 2:00 a.m. on Sunday, March 11, and it may soon be a year-round thing.  The Florida legislature this month passed the “Sunshine Protection Act,” a law keeping the state on DST.  The measure still needs approval from the US Congress.

Mustangs have mixed opinions on daylight saving time.

“Daylight saving is horrible, I just feel so drowsy and I don’t feel like waking up because it’s so dark outside,” said sophomore Elizet Moreno.

Junior Lydia Cohn agreed, “I hate losing sleep, I need it, and the whole time change thing just confuses me.”

Sophomore Alexis Carroll looked at the history side of it, “I think it’s pointless because legislative says it’s so farmers can have more daylight to work, but they don’t need it now because of the advanced technology.”

“I think it’s terrible, bad for humanity, we all need that extra hour of sleep,” said senior Harry Barthelemy.

“I like how it was before the daylight savings,” commented senior Damien Gordon.

On the contrary, many Mustangs enjoy daylight saving time.

Sophomore Taylor Woodring said, “I like it because there is more daylight in the day.”

Mustang girls assistant lacrosse coach Kelley Williams said, “[My] body can get adjusted better, in New Jersey it was really hard to wake up in the morning in the dark, end of the work day there is still light out.”

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