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(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) –  In LRHS’s 20 years of operation, thousands of students have passed through. Some have returned to help continue the school’s legacy of excellence and success.

LRHS teachers Amanda Hargen, Sejal Desai, Tiffany Sheffield, Bryan Richards, Tatum Temple, and Scott Paravicini attended LRHS as students. Some were even inspired to become a teacher by members of the LRHS staff.

Hargen graduated LRHS in 2005. She was an active member of the Marching Mustangs and loved every English class she took at LRHS.

She has a positive outlook on the future of LRHS. She has noticed how the student body has changed for the better.

“Students are now more accepting of one another. It’s neat to see kids from various groups getting along and hanging out together and doing projects and things like that,” said Hargen.

Her favorite memory includes a member of LRHS’ original staff, who is still a favorite of current students. It occurred when Journalism and U.S. History teacher Thomas Honsa taught his students about World War I with a demonstration.

“Honsa, my tenth grade U.S. History teacher, strapped on a Helmet and crawled across our desks as if we were dead bodies in the trenches,” recalled Hargen.

Hargen described the lesson as “really wonderful.”

LRHS Early Childhood Education teacher Tiffany Sheffield also attended LRHS from 2001-2005. Her former LRHS teachers inspired the teaching style she uses in her classroom today.

“Mr. Honsa taught me how to keep things fun and exciting in the classroom and [Early Childhood Education teacher] Mrs. [Elaine] Bowling taught me how to be nurturing when working with the Mini Mustangs,” noted Sheffield.

Sheffield was persuaded to work at her old stomping grounds by LRHS’ Early Childhood education program. The program dramatically impacted her high school experience and she wanted to help continue the impact on future generations.

“When I saw an opportunity to come teach the program that has given me so much, I jumped on board,” she stated.

Technology teacher Bryan Richards was also inspired by an LRHS teacher to become an educator. Principal Craig Little taught physical education at that time.

“Mr. Little was one of my PE teachers and I felt like I wanted to do that,” Richards commented.

Science teacher Faust Delazzer, who has worked at LRHS since the school opened, also inspired Richards. He always had fun in Delazzer’s class and his favorite high school memory was winning the district football championship on the team Delazzer coached.

To Richards, LRHS is a welcoming environment filled with kind students and staff. This is what made coming back to work here as an educator an easy decision.

“It’s homey,” Richards remarked.

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